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Frequently AskedQuestions
Q: What is USENET?
  USENET is an internet community that carries million of messages and binaries. Anyone can discuss their own topics or share their binaries by joining proper newsgroup.
Q: What can I obtain from USENET?
  You can get warez, photos, cd images, games, mp3 & documents from USENET only if your news server is capable to carry all these stuffs.
Q: What is anonymous usenet news server?
  Anonymous means you footsteps here are not being recorded, monitored and will never be disclosed under any circumstances to protect your freedom and to advocate the basics of human right.
Q: Why to join newsking instead of the one provided by ISP?

Have you experience some newsgroups cannot be connected? The binary files you trying to download last night have many corrupted pieces? All these are the result of blocking or filtering! Unfortunately, 99% of providers are doing this.

Now you have an alternative! We provide 120,000+ 100% uncensored newsgroups including high capacity binary groups, files will not be shaved or blocked like the other newsserver And Up to 6 months retention which you can never find in elsewhere!

Internet is lossing its original meaning now! Being monitered by someone you don't want him to know. Protect your privacy is our responsibility, you are absolutely safe here to enjoy the freedom of speech.

Q: What is the best news server?
  See top usenet news server list
Q: Why NewsKing is so outstanding?
Price, Anonymity, Speed, capacity and total quality of services are our competitive advantages. NewsKing users have instant access to all usenet newsgroups without censorship.
Q: How many groups are you carried?
We are now providing 120,000+ newsgroups on our powerful news server. Not like others, you don't need to switch between different servers all-day-long. We are proud to say that we are the only one who covers all newsgroups in the earth now!
Q: Do you block any binary groups like other news servers?

We do not block any binary groups like alt.binaries.warez, alt.binaries.cd.images.* or alt.binaries.pictures.* or alt.binaries.mp3 groups. Does not like the other providers using this method to save space, you have the rights to read all groups on the net. That's the freedom of speech we are advocating.

Q: 12 multiple Servers is better than one?
Be careful! It is the symtom of 2nd rated news provider. The only purpose of this is to cut cost. Most of these "12 servers" are the fake virtual service purchase from another big vendor. Not like us, who built up, programmed and maintain by ourself to provide one-stop solution for you. After joining us, you no longer have to keep changing servers all-day-long to get a complete news feed.
Q: Is there any download limit applied to the unlimited account?
  100% unlimited download, that means no limit at all.
Q: What is your NNTP server information?
news.usenetnewserver.com , port:119. Username & password will be sent to you once after you have subscribed. The server might take 3 minutes to 1 hour to create your account.
Q: Where is my login info?
  username & password are sent to your provided e-mail address automatically. If you somehow do not receive the welcome message due to some wrongly configured spam filter or firewall, please use another free public mail account (e.g. google mail, hotmail or yahoo mail) to send us a query with the transaction number. We will send you the welcome message again. Meantime, please also check the Junk / Spam folder of your email client.
Q: Can I connect through a different port?

Yes, user may connect through port 119 or port 7800.

Q: Do you support Web Usenet?

Yes, we provide web usenet to our users in member area. Many users prefer to use web usenet for a prompt reading of pictures groups.

Q: What news program are your supported?

Consider the stability, we recommend you to use Agent. Whatever news software program you prefer, you are advised to reset your server grouplist settings, purged all groups that you have registered & re-download the grouplist from us before using. Otherwise you may suffer from incompatiabilty or losing headers problem.

Q: I never pay online, is it secured?
It is important to signup through a 3rd party payment services with the best reputation in worldwide. Therefore, we selected StormPay. Not like some other sites, running their own payment machine. Your credit card number will never be disclosed to us, you can have 100% secured transaction here.
Q: Why signup through PayPal?
  See why PayPal is safest.
Q: How To Signup without a credit card?
3 easy steps to signup! See more details
Q: How to cancel rebill?

You may cancel rebill by sending your request to our billing department with your username & password 2-Days before the next billing cycle. Your entire membership login will be vanished once after received your cancellation request. However, there is no more than 5% customer who like to stop using us.

Q: What is your refund policy?
Don't even ask. We earn only when a user stayed for 3 months. Absolutely no refund will be granted to any of our subscription services under any condition. Nobody have ever requested it so far.
Q: What's the usage of news headlines?
Though our system is extremely reliable, server is required to be optimized and upgraded in a timely manner. We will put a news headline on the front page to notify you the downtime for maintenance.
Q: Why not select the cheapest one?
You guess! It is costly to provide usenet news services nowaday, vendors survive by being reseller of large vendor, storing headers only in binary groups, using low-end server with slow throughput, suck annoying ads. Cheap price also implies "crowdy" all the time, like the situation of ISP, a crowdy ISP must be slower than a new one though it has OC3 or fastest link in the world. Try us and feel the differences by yourself!